Exclusive Distributors of Yixing Orient Ceramic Proppants

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Ceramic Proppants
> Increased output at lower cost
> Conventional Oil & Gas
> Shale Gas & Oil
Ceramic Proppants can extend a well's
production life by an average of 25%
Ceramic Proppant obtains better flow rates (conductivity)
...30% better than sand

Ceramic Proppant has several advantages over sand when used for well stimulation or Hydraulic Fracturing:

  1. Better size and shape control
  2. Lower fines and clay content (turbidity)
  3. Better crush resistance
  4. Better long term conductivity

Ceramic Proppants

For Hydrocarbon Production

Hoben International is a mineral processing company with a long history of supplying a wide range of industries.

Hoben International count major production and supply companies amongst their customers and have been providing Silicas for the North Sea Drilling Program for the past 15 years.

Hoben International has been chosen by Yixing Orient as exclusive distributors of their Ceramic Proppants for the UK, Denmark and the North Sea hydrocarbon production areas.