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Hoben International has been providing Silicas for the North Sea Drilling Program for the past 15 years.

With the imminent activity of Hydraulic Fracking in the UK on the horizon and the achievement of better flow rates (conductivity) with the use of Ceramic Proppant, Hoben International has now become the exclusive distributor for Yixing Orient Petroleum Proppant Co., Ltd - the first and the oldest manufacturer of Proppant in China.

Yixing Orient's range of Ceramic Proppants, are renowned for their quality and competitve pricing and are available in a variety of grades manufactured and tested to API Standards

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Yixing Orient Petroleum Proppant Company has been manufacturing ceramic proppant in the Jiangsu Province of China since 1986. In a city famed for its technical ceramic industry, Yixing Orient’s strength has been innovation.

They hold six patents covering the production of Ceramic Proppant including the design of high efficiency sintering equipment. Yixing Orient has had an ISO 9001 certified quality management system since 2001 ensuring consistent production standards. All raw materials and finished products are tested regularly throughout the production process and finished products are tested by external laboratories ensuring compliance with API Standards.

The result is that Yixing Orient is now the largest producer of ceramic proppant in China

The largest producer

of ceramic proppant in China