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Ceramic Proppants

Ceramic Proppant has several advantages over sand when used for well stimulation or Hydraulic Fracturing:

  1. Better size and shape control
  2. Lower fines and clay content (turbidity)
  3. Better crush resistance
  4. Better long term conductivity

For deeper, hotter wells Ceramic Proppant offers far better long term conductivity than sand proppant. This will give a better output over a longer period of time and reduce the need for re-fracking.

The increased output and lower long term costs make ceramic a better economical proposition than sand as a proppant. Hoben International hold significant stocks of Yixing Orient Ceramic Proppant low and medium density grades 20/40, 30/50 and 40/70 in the UK.

Long Term Conductivity of

Ceramic Proppant vs Sand